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Fondation Sylvie Rusconi

Prix de l'excellence "My own startup" 2024 - Trilogy

Le mot de Ranlin Liu et de l’équipe Trilogy

I am extremely honored to have been awarded a grant by the Rusconi Foundation for my startup, Trilogy, at EHL. This significant grant enables our company to focus more deeply and actively on exploring the fields of gastronomy and F&B, creating a diverse array of artistic dishes and expressions. With this support, we can push the boundaries of culinary innovation and experiment with new flavors and techniques that reflect our dedication to excellence. We are also committed to building our current community, giving back to our supporters, and spreading more cultural awareness.
Trilogy is a new startup from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne’s Innovation Village, specializing in unique « Petite Gastronomy » concepts and original food for the Swiss market. Our dedication lies in evolving the Trilogy boutique lifestyle, fusion concepts, artistic creations of both culinary and visual expressions, and community building.
Our culinary innovation is spearheaded by our executive chef and founder, Ranlin Liu, the grand chef of the EHL culinary challenge champion, who has accrued a broad portfolio of world-class culinary training from mentorship and work experience under several Meilleur Ouvriers de France and Michelin 3-star chefs.
The menu features a wide array of dishes and seasonal ingredients, including vegan Provence-style fig pickles, hot spring eggs with Sichuan lantern beef, foie gras lollipops with port wine sauce, and green bean cakes adorned with edible flowers. This fusion of high standards and diverse, original offerings aims to attract a broader audience and promote different cultures.
Trilogy has already made a name for itself at several food festivals and events, earning praise for our inventive approach and commitment to quality. To extend our reach and bring our culinary delights to a broader audience, we will deploy a food truck to the Lausanne area, adding mobility to our business model. This will enable us to participate in more events and connect with diverse communities across the region.
Ranlin Liu and Trilogy Team

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